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Friday, April 22, 2016

Herbs - Powerful healthy taste!

This link will take you to another site for some ideas. I do not necessarily agree with every opinion or support all advice on said site. Use at your discretion.


This was such a good list I needed to save to my blog. I have to say some of these articles were very inspiring! Way to go, Fitbit! I use an incredible amount of herbs. So instead of drying them my sister showed me to pack fresh herbs in coarse sea salt in beautiful (sometimes colored!) Jars with a plastic sealed lid! Now I have fresh rosemary everytime we have roast or souped chicken!
BEAUTIFUL TO DISPLAY. Healthy way to add flavor easily.

I should mention that the band in my Charge HR was breaking and customer service was quick and easy. They replaced with a new one straight away! It was a few minute hold or they called me back so getting ahold of them was the longest part of the process. I like to caution against constant wear of any electronic device. This fitbit has helped me track my sleep pattern and set a goal to get more sleep. It is an aid and the one reason I broke down and purchased one. I do enjoy using it.

However, like your phone, (studies say much safer as in pacemaker) read and heed the fact that it is carrying, receiving and emitting radioactive signals. Practice not keeping phones next to your skin or on constantly. Use them wisely and make sure you are setting them aside when possible.

Happy healthy day to you!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

RESULTS. What we REALLY want

Results. Do you want healthy results? I get so tired of all the modern marketing. The 'green' flooding that is only as good as each company is honest. As I research companies almost constantly it strikes me that we are so busy as parents that we forget to do our research. If someone we know promotes a company or the company advertises 'natural', 'Organic', 'green'... We don't want to have to take time to prove the information is correct. I've decided the'proof is in the pudding' and we are truly healthy. Great healthy results are what we all strive for in our search for better for our families. I'm so thankful that changes we've made over the years and watched some friends make have given us success stories. Just health success stories from normal people like you and I. My bloodwork numbers were so healthy last week that my doctor apologized for having an extensive draw. The numbers of a healthy teenager age. They were shocked. After all... I was complaining of the extra 30 lbs I'm working on leaving behind and how I've been pregnant eight times! 8 busy children from 19 to 2 keep me busily stressed. Maybe I've done some things right!! I know that having the best Olympic standards supplements customized for my needs helps. I know that having a one stop safe U.S. supplier for my family affords us peace of mind and results. I know a mostly whole foods diet from scratch just as my mom and grandmothers cooked helps.

I know that YOU deserve the chance for real results in your family. If you have any goals for your family health you would like to visit about contact me. I'm happy to show you a picture of how our family makes happy a reality- my listening to your needs and sharing our way is FREE.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year Awakenings 2016!

First week of 2016 is already days gone by! Today I had an Epiphany of sorts! Lightbulb! I've been struggling with my WORD for this year. Today as I wrote a list of possible goals I have, and virtues I'd like to work on it came to me that I want to be STRONG! And in that a source of STRENGTH for others! As I looked up on the wall of the school I saw then my favorite verse from High School, "I can do all things in Christ Who strengthens me" and smiled. After work I was glancing through emails and one of the radio blogs I follow was titled "Mothering From a Position of Strength" !! I was filled with that secure conviction of purpose, that AHA! moment that I hope everyone who reads this can reflect on for THEIR own personal use in the new year. I'm working on not sweating the small stuff in the normal course of life while trying to instill some new healthy changes for our lifestyle. This has become increasingly challenging with high school age children who buy and do make some of their own decisions. Working on a book but that is in 'spare' time so it is a slow process. How many of us refuse to make resolutions so that we won't fail? I AM ONE OF THOSE! I'm fairly picky about what we have in the house. I let up at holidays and summer bbq's over some of the processed garbage I dislike immensely. So after Christmas and New Year's celebrations and travel I almost always feel the need to cleanse my system and offer this to my family. <<<<< My new favorite kidney cleanse help >>>>>>> Watermelon and 1 peeled Lime Blended in my Nutribullet. I definitely recommend an extractor or machine that does not remove all the pulp in your juicing method. My next favorite meal is always Asian Weight Loss soup. I've posted it here before so I'll spare that time. In that fashion though I just found a jump start broth to detoxify with that I'm going to try this weekend... I'll pass on the results and the recipe / diet if I feel it worthwhile. Much joy and love to your precious homes in 2016! May you be STRONG in your convictions and comfortable in your own skin.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jumping into July!

Halfway through 2015!! Think on that a moment. Where does the time go? As I hear of the restrictions on fireworks because of the heat, it has been a great time to reflect on our independence as a Nation. I can only imagine the number of people who will get in trouble because common sense and legality will not prevail over their personal sense of 'freedom'. Freedom does not mean we get to do our own thing regardless of the health of a society. That would be counter productive. Freedom DOES mean having a choice. I hope most choose to be responsible for the good of our communities. As I reflected on the Independence Day values that most of us hold very dear it struck me that there is definitely a lack of understanding and appreciation of how much this FREEDOM has cost us. Even myself, in awe of our military and our wars over the years to gain a land and freedom and help others out of oppression lack an actual experience of fighting for freedom. We have it easy, maybe we've had it too easy these last 60 - 70 years. Basically a lifetime of being able to freely make our own choices. Some abuse this privilege and claim free speech to abuse and slander others without regard. Some are sheep and feel we have to tolerate everyone and every choice they make if it is true for them. TRUTH isn't wavering, doesn't change- or it cannot be TRUTH. So this giving 'to each his own' mentality a platform is saying 'anything goes' . Do we really want our nation to be a FREE FOR ALL playground for any person to choose what feels good to him/her? I think that is far from a TRUE freedom where our nation cares for one another and respects natural boundaries which have to be in place for a society to survive. Most natural boundaries show themselves by our innate ability to see wrong for what it is. It just fits if it is the natural right. A man and woman fit together in a complimentary way, mentally, physically, spiritually. Man and beast cannot. And we all know that stealing, killing, harming, fighting, lying are actual wrongs by something bigger than ourselves- even if not professed believers in God- it is obvious to the majority what is evil. As you celebrate our Nation's Independence Day be aware that freedom isn't gained without sacrifice.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Glowing May Thunderstorms!!

I love the sound of thunderstorms. Unplug the extra electronics and be aware that the air is CHARGED! What are you charged up to do? The birds were incredibly noisy at 5:30 a.m. and it was bright shining sun! Now, just four hours later it has clouded over to a beautiful rainstorm with some thundering noise as the clouds open up. It is a refreshing break from how hot the house was yesterday and this morning. A muggy humid wait for the moisture to drop! I can see this same waiting mode in our lives and in our home. Waiting to express emotions, each of my children has their own storm point. Too interesting to watch them bottle and hold their tongue like mom, or stew for a lecture as dad does! The best of two different lives brought together. Isn't this the goal when we raise children? TO be on the same page and watch them be like us but their own personality. Like us, but better in so many ways, the dream we always encourage them towards. "Please think before you do. Today, make GOOD choices." So many very poignant things all parents must say at some time. "Be safe. Be kind. Be courageous." And the one my 16 year old thinks is lame, "Because I'm the parent and I said so. That's my job!" I don't get near what I'd like to done in my days. There are too many committments, dreams, moments to enjoy, and just simply my priorities surround my life with cute footsteps and demanding voices. In the waiting for a new season I try to enjoy the precious moments we will never have back with our toddlers and teens. Be blessed by your life! We have control over our behavior and our grateful demeanor when our connections and choices give us grief. In gratitude we find that there is always an incredibly glowing silver lining!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Showers bring May flowers

WOW! I don't know if you are in this winter weather 'Last Hoorah!' but we sure are! I am ready for May sunshine and my tulips think at 7 inches tall it's time already. We don't get too much moisture here in this dry corner and most of the time winter snow blows away into drifts but THIS time we have at least FIVE wet snowy slushy inches after beautiful t-shirt weather all last week. By this weekend we will be in sunshine and 70 degrees at track meets! Crazy Montana weather! I actually do appreciate how changing and on our toes it keeps us. Real life lessons can be learned from exposure to the elements. When the elements change fast it can be scary dangerous. Just like life and it's changing currents for the choices we have to make everyday. As adults we have to choose our lifestyle and be aware how our choices affect the family life or our co-workers. Some have aging parents or grandparents that you are now caring for in different ways, this adds a whole new dimension to how you choose to live. I have an eighteen year old who I often think isn't ready for all that real life. Just as the weather here can go from a 70 degree day to a 0 degree night with scary wind chill factor that could be fatal if not prepared, so does life sometimes take our sails out from under us. We try to equip our children and teach them to be ready but so much of what we learn is by experience. One of the hardest things for me to take is that I can't give my children my age experience. Even telling them what you know to be true sometimes backfires as they have to make their own decisions and bang their head against the walls they encounter or even cause themselves. THIS is SO hard to watch and let happen as they live their own lives. I often think that I can use the weather example when my kids leave unprepared and standing on a sideline freezing, or when the car has a flat and they left the phone, the jack and the tool box at home because it was just a short road trip... Or when the teenage girls scantily dressed for the sake of fashion on a crisp cold fall evening are miserable instead of chatty and fun like the girls who dressed to be warm and naturally pretty instead of show stopping! Amazes me what lessons in life we can learn and results we can have if we are open to learning and humbly looking to learn always! May you be blessed with a beautiful sunny Easter Tuesday and continue enjoying the spring season with al its bumps and trials!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

15 Minutes to Freedom! In the ER

15 Minute increments seem to be the way I have to live my day lately! And today I have just that window before heading into the home office to do some much needed business work. SO for free write I decided to set that timer and share a medical note with you all! MY DAUGHTER is 16! You know, that age where everything is so much bigger, badder and better all at once. (Do not repeat that I used 'badder' as a word, please?!) She had a few day sore a couple inches above her belly button and it got so painful that Saturday night after the day's busy events I ended up in the Emergency Room for what I hoped was simple infection but knew had to be looked at. AARGH! at ABOUT MIDNIGHT there I was with an abscess needing cut open, drained and dressed. Bless them , they were quick and the ER Dr. was great which made my evening. Part of this is a teenager's timing. 'I can ignore the pain and horror of this 3 day owie until I leave my friends' group and decide to pay attention to the pain exploding in my midsection...' Part of this is knowing that we can probably treat and heal this at home if someone would treat it properly.... oh the joys of parenting!!! Our incredibly high quality Melaleuca Oil has eradicated Staph in this girl before, so I have no doubt that in the beginning this was preventable. AGAIN, the joy of not making our children's choices as they get older. It was a lesson for me that she is still my baby no matter how independent she wants to be, and I think it was a lesson for her, I can only hope, as far as abscess treatments and medicine in the ER is concerned. Now she is treating an open wound with a big lump behind it and they will check for MRSA, staph and the healing tomorrow. Some bacterias you do not mess with when they get that angry... it scares me that she messes with and may not keep it super clean through this adventure, but, again, those are supposed to be real life lessons to give her real experiences for when I am not here to hold her hand!! May you always find a silver lining and a reason to smile and laugh through the midnight ER tromps with your littles!